An automatic optimization tool to improve the ROI of PlugRush campaigns!


PlugRush Exclusively

Specifically built for PlugRush. Developed in PHP language, it is highly efficient and can be run on any web host, VPS and server that supports the PHP script.

Improve ROI

Eliminate brushers, bots and poorly performing sub-channel in a timely manner to reduce unnecessary budget spending and significantly increase campaign ROI.


Software programs and data are hosted on your own server, not in the form of cloud services. Your own data is under your control, safe and secure.

Database Less

Uses a database-less way to store data, eliminating the trouble of installing and configuring databases such as MySQL, and reducing server resource consumption.

Easy To Use

No installation and no database required. Just upload to your server, add the Apikey, then simply configure it and you're ready to go. No more operations needed.

Convenient & Flexible

It can be used alone. Or used with trackers such as BeMob and Binom. No need to bundle, just need one click to turn on/off the auto optimization as you wish.

Blacklist & Whitelist

Automatically generates the blacklist and whitelist based on the rules, and synchronizes it to the traffic source. Both black and white campaign are supported.

Extract list

Automatically extracting the generated blacklist/whitelist from external campaign, adding it to this campaign list, and synchronizing it to the traffic source.

Data Complete

Uses traffic source and/or tracker side report data to make blacklist and whitelist determinations, effectively avoiding misclassification due to click loss.

Custom Rules

Define your own rules, rich indicators, you can judge the black and white list based on traffic source ROI, tracker LP CTR, tracker ROI and other indicators.

Fully Automatic

Whether you are eating/sleeping, or traveling on vacation, you can leave it to AOH, which greatly frees your hands and saves your time and energy.

Permanent License

Pay once, use forever. No need to renew like subscription-based services and products. No need to worry about forgetting to renew. Just so worry-free.




Traffic source report data

Permanent license

Tracker report data



Traffic source report data

Permanent license

Tracker report data



More demands?

New functions?

Please contact us!


How to buy?

1. Choose a plan and prepare a domain.
2. Click on the "Buy Now" button and pay.
3. Received the software and start using it.

Do you support refunds?

Sorry. Products are licensed using a tied domain name and we are unable to provide refunds for any products or services after the license has been sent or the service has begun.

Can I try it out?

Sorry, trials are not supported at this time.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. If you want to upgrade your existing plan to a higher one, you can do so by paying the price difference. Prices are based on actual prices at the time.

Can I downgrade my plan?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to downgrade the plan you purchased, please understand.

Do I still need to use a tracker?

The software cannot be used as a tracker, it works as a plugin on top of the original traffic system. If you do not use a tracker, you can only use the data from the traffic source side to make optimization judgments (you must send the conversions back to the traffic source). If you use a tracker, you can also use data from the tracker side to make optimization judgments.

What kind of tracker is supported?

Currently BeMob and Binom are supported, others are not supported at the moment.

What does license mean?

License refers to the authorization of the domains that install and run the program; domains that are not authorized cannot use the program.

Is license always available forever?

Yes. Pay once, use forever. No need to pay again on a monthly or annual basis.

Can I use subdomains?

Yes. And any domain name with any suffix will work. However, please note that and are different domains and the license cannot be used universally.

Can I change my domain name?

Sorry, we are unable to make domain name changes for plan already purchased, including subdomains, so please pay more attention to the status of domain name renewals, etc.

Does it support subdirectories?

Yes. Multi-level subdirectories are supported.

Can you guarantee a profit?

No. A profitable campaign is not only related to the sub-channel, but also to the traffic source, LP, Offer and many other factors. The purpose of this software is to exclude the scrubs and blacklist the poorly performing sub-channel in time, stop the loss at the first time, reduce the unnecessary budget waste, and achieve the purpose of improving ROI.

Does it support whitelist campaigns?

Yes, supported. For Blacklist campaign, the action is to add the obtained blacklist to the campaign's blacklist; for whitelist campaign, the action is to remove the poorly performing/unprofitable sub-channel from the campaign's original whitelist.

Are there instructions for use?

Yes. It will be sent with the program after purchase.

Are there any prohibited behaviors?

When using this product, you shall comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

Are there any other tools?

Yes. Please go to the home page of our website or contact us for the latest information.


Thank you for choosing and using our product. When you encounter product bugs, please contact us and help us to solve them in time, we will give substantial rewards and thanks. Thank you for your contribution to the improvement of our product.

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